Why Should You Buy An SUV ?

All the signs lead to buying an SUV is a bad idea. But you’re set on purchasing a car that fits the whole family, maybe you just bought a boat and need a way to tow it or you take road trips often? Well, maybe what you need to see is the reason why you SHOULD buy that SUV you have your eyes on.

– SUVs can carry more people efficiently and if you have a big family, it may not be possible to transport everyone in one vehicle unless you drive a bigger car like an SUV or Mini van. One trip in a big SUV, and you’ve saved fuel, taken up less space in traffic and in the parking lot, and made maximum use of your resources.
– Oh, “SUVs are gas guzzlers” but in contrary to belief there are some SUVs that get excellent gas mileage.Today there are multiple SUVs that are rated to achieve over 30 miles per gallon on the highway, still retaining the capacity and benefits of an SUV.

-SUVs can actually be safer than regular cars, under certain circumstances of course. No matter what kind of standard safety equipment, airbags, traction control or anti-lock brakes you put on a compact car, it will be the loser in a head-on collision with an SUV.

-An obvious reason is that SUVs can tow more than cars.
Even in times of economic strife, people still have hobbies. And some of those hobbies require towing. If you love horses, motorcycles, boats, fishing, camping or even antiquing, chances are you need to tow once in a while, if not more often.


If this hasn’t changed your mind yet, I don’t know what will.

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