Tooth Replacement: Dental Implants vs Dentures

You’re missing a tooth but don’t know what tooth replacement method to go for?There are a few methods that you could go for, but two of the most popular would be Dental Implants and dentures. Have you been having a difficult time choosing between the two? There are advantages and disadvantages for both methods. So it’s really up to you and what works best for you.


A few advantages of dental implants as the preferred tooth replacement method include:

– They function like real teeth and allow you to eat and chew without messy adhesives to unlike full dentures or partial dentures
– Implants last a life time in most cases they don’t decay or abscess like real teeth.
– Implants do not come loose like full dentures and look like real teeth
– Dental Implants help prevent jaw bone loss and gum loss.

Some disadvantages include:
Con: Dental Implants costs more upfront.

Some advantages of dentures as the tooth replacement method  include:
– Removing abscessed teeth reduces cardiovascular risk and they will replace those teeth for an investment for a beautiful smile.
-Unlike dental implants, the process for making dentures is non-invasive and doesn’t require any surgery. – Dentures are easily adjustable and they can be modified to accommodate any further tooth loss.

Disadvantages of Dentures:

– Dentures have to be replaced frequently due to bone loss and gum loss and they may not fit comfortably, especially lower dentures.
– Chewing foods like steak, salad and bread is difficult
– They do not function like real teeth or dental implant teeth

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